General data about polyethylene

Title PE80 PE100 Unit Test method
Density 950,0-961,0 956,0-962,0 kg/ m³ ISO 1183
Melted flow rate (190°C/ 5 kg) 0,40-0,60 0,24-0,36 g/ 10 min ISO 1133
Oxidation induction time (OIT) 200°C 10-40 10-40 min DIN EN 728
Tensile Modulus 600 1000 MPa ISO 527-2
Tensile stress at yield 18-23 23-25 MPa ISO 527-2
Softening temperature 116 124 °C

Benefits of polyethylene pipes

  • Polyethylene pipes are durable and have good insulation properties.
  • Polyethylene pipes are light weighted and easy to install.
  • Polyethylene pipes are durable and corrosion-resistant against most solvents, acids, alkalis and oils.
  • Polyethylene pipes have long usage life – at least 50 years according to the standard EN12201.
  • Due to their smooth inner surface, polyethylene pipes have very little pressure loss. If any sediment settles on the inside surface at all, its amount is insignificant.
  • Due to low heat conductivity of polyethylene, these pipes are less at risk of freezing damage.
  • Due to good elasticity of polyethylene, PE pipes with the diameter of 20-110 can be produced and delivered in rolls.
  • As polyethylene is flexible, soil shifts due to climate effects and smaller direction changes caused during installation are no problem to the constructor.
  • Polyethylene pipes are leak-proof as they usually are connected by fusing them together with either butt-welding or electric welding.

Information about chemical-resistance.
Data's for wall thickness and weight.
PE pressure pipes do not fall under the mandatory CE marking.

Based on Construction Products Regulation, which came into force 1 July 2013 all construction products in the market of the European Economic Area and covered by a harmonized European standard must be CE marked. CE mark is not allowed when the construction products are produced by not harmonized standard. Because standard EN12201 is not harmonized in EU, polyethylene pipes produced in HAKA Plast do not have the CE marking. When the harmonized standards are published also in EU, HAKA Plast will insure that our products will be immediately CE marked.